Friday, August 6, 2010

The Rest of the Story #5

So, figured Id do a little something different with this week's TRotS. I am gonna take a look at these posts and give a little look into why or why not they made this list and not the Top Ten. I think that the first thing to point out is that they made the short list to begin with because they caught my attention in a good way, plain and simple. Well, ok, one was out of favoritism, but it still was pretty good!
Very nice work, liked the glow effect of the plasma cannons, the face paint on the sergeant was the only thing I didnt care for.
Not sure why I passed on this one, think it may have been to cut down the number of Space Marine posts.
I remember this being one of the last ones cut, simply because something had to go.
This caught my eye originally because Ive got my own problems and can relate. Didnt think it was appropriate material for the Top Ten, but still worth passing on.
This one was flagged simply because I love seeing when people promote their friends over getting a mention on the Top Ten. I almost added this link as an extra to the Top Ten.
This one was hard to cut. In fact it was one of those I almost extended to 12 for this week.
Cool model, but I think I was gonna wait to see a painted version.
Im pretty sure this would be of interest to anyone who like True Scale Space Marines, but my eyes glazed over somewhere in there and it got cut.
This one fell firmly into the "well, I have to cut SOMETHING"...
Ron doesnt want me putting his stuff on the Top Ten. Makes sense to me, seeing as you can just scroll down a bit and see it. Doesnt mean I cant mark it and add it here, right? ;)
I liked these guys, but for some reason it just didnt seem as strong a contender as others.

I really like this 151 Chapters project. This post originally got marked for a decent way to paint white armor.
I want to learn to make my own resin bases someday, but I think I have posted tutorials like this several times in the past.
This one was a decent guide to figuring out if that toy tank/plane/whatever would work with the scale of your models.

Always nice to get reminders on what people tend to forget. Dropped because I felt like focusing more on hobby rather then game.
I liked how these looked for the most part, but fell into the "gotta cut something" pile.
I think it was the bases that threw me off this one...
I really like this look at Lysander, but I usually skip on posts that are auction advertisements.
Dark photos, bane of all picture posters!
I think this one would have made it if there were more pictures, I like how they looked.
This was another "yeah, I have posted something like this several times before".
Again, felt like focusing on hobby rather then game.
Another victim of the "gotta cut something" pile.
No real good and close pics, interesting colors from what I can tell.

That was fun, but dont expect this each week, just something I felt like doing tonight!

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