Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogging, increasing traffic...

A quick post, asking a quick question, and a quick note.

A roleplaying buddy of mine has started up a 4th Ed D&D blog, so I guess Id better pimp it out real quick!

We have been talking about ways to increase readers, and I came up with the two ways I managed to get as many visitors as I have, even with a hobby blog that lacks a significant amount of hobby.

#1: Blogrolls. Build one, and do what you can to get added to others. Getting involved with a community is a good extension of this. Something like From The Warp, or the new House of Paincakes can dramatically increase visitors, even if you are posting elsewhere (just make sure to include a link to your own site!).

#2: Weekly Community Focus. This one is obviously the big one for me. People LOVE seeing their links spread around. It doesnt have to be a Top Ten list or anything, just a weekly "Check this blog out" post helps (both you and the other blogger!). Of course, they dont start off popular, you need to keep it up for a few months before people start beating down the door!

So, these are my two big ones, anyone else have something else that works?

Oh, my quick note? Im skipping The Rest of the Story this week, partially because I slacked off when putting the Top Ten together, and partially just because I can. ;)


Gotthammer said...

Don't forget the power of the Google. Putting longer, descriptive titles to your posts can help greatly.

Search for 'Imperial Armour 8', on most locations (.com, my review of it beats Forge World's page for it - same for Imperial Armour 8 Review. I'm still getting pretty heavy traffic for it.

Also when I painted up some Red Box miniatures I put their full name in the title - see "Gunhildr of Utherby" and "Myrianna of Aelfheim".
Both those generate traffic regularly, more since CMON launched a Red Box painting comp.

Posting comments also helps cross-polinate, as people see you there and might skip over to see what's on your blog.

Death 0F Angels said...

Making sure your blog is top quality. Mine is completly half assed so i dont get as much traffic as i could. I dont see my blog in terms of traffic though. I just like to post my stuff up and i got tired of shitty people on forums.
A lot of people use giveaways and contests. Free swag always attracts people. The key is to get them looking a quality blog will keep them coming.