Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Rest of the Story #3

The easiest, yet longest, part of doing the Top Ten each week is going through my reader and marking stuff for further consideration. The hardest part would be taking that short list, and cutting it down to just 10. Sometimes I can just eyeball something and know it doesnt make the cut, and other times I have to force myself to limit certain types of entries (Space Marines, mainly). There are a few times where the decision on a particular model came down to whether it is based or not. I try not to play favorites, but I do occasionally promote friends, though usually its a minor amount of favoritism, as they would likely have been on the short list to begin with.

Anyways, this week I have another 27 entries that could have made the list, but missed out due to me being a fickle beast. Enjoy!

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