Monday, July 12, 2010

8th Ed First Game

Went out to play against Deo on Saturday, my first game of Warhammer since before Thanksgiving and moving to the new house... Due to limited space and time, we were only able to get three turns in, but what an interesting three turns!

I brought 2k of Tomb Kings (once I found out that Incantations were not screwed), and he had Skaven. Im not going to give my full list, cuz it sucked very bad (I actually made a 3k list and gutted it down, got rid of the wrong things).

Mission was the Watchtower, I started with a unit of archers in there, I lost that real quick.

If anyone ever says to me "You play TK, you dont have to worry about miscasts" again, I will likely punch them in the neck. Why do I say this? Because my Banner of the Undying Legion miscast on the first turn. Didnt have to worry about anything going crazy, just the banner turning to dust.. But as I rolled the dice, know what happened? Power Outage at the store. Let none doubt the power of Tomb Kings miscasts!

So, anyways. I also got a nice wad of cash from him from selling some Dwarfs, and now I am looking to add to an army, but which one? Not TK, since they are rumored to be getting a new book and models come October. Not really wanting to start something new, so looking at the armies I have, Im considering either Warriors of Chaos or High Elves... We will see.

Remember how I was planning on prepping the Top Ten on Monday Nights from here on out? Yeah, I am working 12s the next couple days. Shot that plan in the foot for this week. So, as I type this, Im looking through stuff. Im hoping to have enough stuff lined up to get it ready as soon as I get home in the morning. And I am back to marking a lot of stuff, instead of just opening them in new tabs, so I might actually get another "The Rest of the Story" up... Maybe.

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