Monday, May 17, 2010

I do my best painting with a tank brush.

This weekend I finally got some spray primer. The last two cans I had were tossed during the move... in November. So, a can of white and a can of black. Typical cheap walmart stuff works just fine for me.

So, got the 5 tac troops sprayed white, and the 5 Death Company guys black. Then I gave the tactical troops three thin coats of red gore, and then broke out my handy tank brush and drybrushed some blood red over that. Looks pretty to me. Im planning on starting the detail stuff tomorrow.

The DC also had a date with the tank brush, in this case drybrushed with codex gray, then washed with chaos black. I also started picking out some of the detail with bleached bone (why not skull white? no idea, decided to experiment), and will paint the red over that soon.

Tomorrow I plan to get Lemartes, using him as a Reclusiarch will give me a 500 point list. Once I get it all painted, Ill look into expanding it, first by adding 5 more tac troops and a rhino, then Ill look at the other FOC slots to expand.

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