Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Descent into madness

Today, I told the wife I wanted to get myself some models, as the last time I got my mini-crack (not counting books) was a rhino and a librarian for my Red Scorpions (I think)... if you go back several months, you will see them. So, we loaded up and braved rush hour traffic to visit the GW Battle Bunker (I hate going to the mall, even though its closer). We were almost there, when I remembered that the stores used to be closed on Mondays, didn't know if that was still the case, and as we pulled up, we saw that it wasn't. Went in, poked around a few, and finally started looking for the box set I wanted.... And they were completely sold out.

Luckily, the manager (who's name I can never remember) heard, and said to just take out the box that was in the display cabinet. Hooray!

So, I got home, watched some Dr Who, and logged in just in time for my guild to take a quick swing at a nasty boss on WoW, then I had to get ready for work. Tomorrow morning Ill do up my Top Ten, then hopefully start putting models together. Hopefully.

Oh, and what did I get? A Blood Angels Death Company...


Schnitzel said...

"Flesh and Stone" I take it? Doctor Who is brilliant. Then again, so are the Death Co models.

Ryan said...

Actually it was "The Runaway Bride". My wife fairly recently got me watching it, and we have been getting a disc at a time through Netflix. Ive not gotten up to the current stuff yet.