Monday, April 26, 2010

Jumping around...

So, for the past couple of weeks I have been drooling over my copy of the new Blood Angels codex, planning this and that, and Id pretty much settled on running a third company army. Then I remembered I had a few sets of the Black Reach tactical marines just sitting there, and figured it was a sign to get my butt in gear. So, I go and dig them out... and remember they have those tactical badges molded on the models. Trying to decide if I wanted to carve those off, or change my plans to the Blood Drinkers (who use Codex markings) kinda took the wind out of my sails there for a few days. Carving the stuff off was a bit more work then I wanted to put into these guys, and one of the biggest reasons I wanted to do BA was to get away from standard codex markings (Ive got the Red Scorpions for that).

So, I kept staring at the High Elves taking up desktop real estate. Somewhere along the way, I got the urge to dig out my Beastman book. I think it was because of seeing a pic of Dave Taylor's WiP Jabberslythe. So, that was on my prime reading slot for a few days, and I decided that maybe Id try to shell out for a battle force set come payday, if I could find one for cheap on eBay. Well, $70 isnt too bad... But something nagged me, didnt I do beasties a while back? Dont I have some Centigors somewhere? So, I went digging in the stuff thats still packed up, and found a box that time forgot. Or at least I had forgotten. It was a (more or less) complete beastman army! Granted, the paint scheme looks like poop, and several of the models need fixing... but its much better then starting from scratch with a battle force.

So, what was in there? Only about a thousand points, if Im generous with the magic items. Its got:

WarGor boss
WarGor Standard Bearer (the funky metal one)
Bray Shaman
2 units of 10 Gors with command, 1 with shields, the other dual wielding.
1 unit of 16 Ungor
1 unit of 10 Centigors

There were a few other models that I set aside, due to lack of unit for them (command for a third Gor unit, obvious left overs from when Gors and Ungors shared units), or one that lost a head that I cant find. Also 6 Chaos Trolls.

Its a good start, but like I said, they look like crap. So, they are getting a Simple Green bath, and Ill look into repainting them. I want to go with a Khazrak One-Eye's war against Middenland theme, so I think scraps of cloth and what-not will be getting painted blue and white. Assuming I dont get distracted again...


Big Jim said...

As someone who gets easily distracted I feel you pain.

Good choice on the Beastmen, if I were getting back to WFB they'd be my choice of army.

Forgotmytea said...

Sounds good, I look forward to seeing/hearing more about your beastmen!