Thursday, January 21, 2010

Introducing: The Rest of the Story!

This past week I decided to try collecting my ideas for the Top Ten in a different way: I marked them during the week, and on Tuesday morning I sorted those for the list. You know what? I ended up with a LOT more then normal. At first I was thinking it was just an amazingly productive week. Well, so far, less then three days into the new cycle, its looking like the next one will be just as rough. Im guessing my being tired while looking at the stuff before cut down the numbers of entries I opened.

So, I had 39 left overs, and a lot of them were cut for no reason greater then Id seen too much about the Blood Angels this past week. Thats a very sad reason, but should highlight all the good I did see... I was thinking though, just because I didnt put it in the top ten, doesnt mean it shouldnt get some recognition. So, Im doing something new.

The Rest of the Story is what COULD have been in the Tuesday Top Ten. Remember, the TTT is what catches my eye, not what is the greatest of the internet. These entries usually didnt make the cut through no fault of their own, but through something else being more shiney, or my playing favorites.

My plan for this is that Ill post on Thursday or Friday, when I feel like it. I may skip a week or two, here or there, just because I feel like it or forget to post it. Im also not going to boil braincells trying to make discriptions and what-not. Its going to be an ugly list of links, nothing more or less. Im not even planning on numbering the list!

Im pretty sure some people are going to love this, more link goodness. Im sure Im going to catch a serious amount of flack, "why didnt you put this in the top ten, instead of that other one?". I have my answer to that already: Because it grabbed my attention more.

So, anyways, Ive got my list handy, and will be posting the first TRotS... NOW.

Yep, an ugly list of links. I would say that for about 90% of them, you can figure what is what from the link... a few of those may be surprises though!


Col. Corbane said...

It's the TTT Overflow!

Ryan said...

Its the Link-pocalypse! ;)

Gotthammer said...

I clicked em all (except the ones I'd already seen). I think it's a good idea :)

Alan said...

As already stated, a great idea.

A couple of these would have been yanked by Ron at FTW due to language, which might cause you to have to recheck the TTT in the future.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the workings behind the top10 (and all of those great posts, to boot). I'm clearly going to have to step up my game if I'm to make the list this year...