Monday, September 7, 2009

Games and Fun...

Some good old fashioned randomness tonight.

Ive been doing the "codex crawl" lately, took all my current books and seperated them into stuff that looked interesting right now, and stuff that didnt. Ended up with about 7 Fantasy books, and 4-5 codexes. The good stuff pile is now sitting next to my bed, so I can read a bit here and there before falling asleep... Well, all but the IG, Space Marine, and Fantasy Empire books, those have been coming with me to work lately.

DT and Deo have both been making seperate rumblings about playing some Mordheim or Necromunda. Id have to go back and make a whole new warband (oh darn!), but I think Im kinda interested. Easy warband would be Dwarfs, Ive got a bunch of them still on sprue.

I got an old Librarian with helmet in the mail the other day thanks to eBay and my lovely wife, he is now assembled and Im trying to decide if Im going to spray him down or add more purity seals first... He just looks like he needs more of them. Im hoping to have him and the rhino primered this week.

Speaking of Librarians, has anyone else noticed that the Librarian in the Space Hulk set has the same name as the previous incarnation of the Lord of Death? Coincidence, Im sure. ;)

Ive been working some on the Imperial Guard, first squad just needs metals and skin picked out, then I can get to work on the second squad. I crunched some numbers, and it appears I have about 1750 points of them ready to go, with the heaviest thing being a single sentinal... All told, 160 models. Next time Deo and I have a game, Ill give them a test run.

Back to rereading the Horus Heresy series, picked up where I last left off in Battle for the Abyss, then Mechanicum again, after that I get to read the Tales of Heresy and Fallen Angels for the first time.


Elazar The Glorified said...

Wow, that hadn't even crossed my mind about Mephiston... the plot thickens! :D

RonSaikowski said...

I do the same thing, go through my stuff and find things to read (and reread) at night before ging to bed.

Death 0F Angels said...

reminds me, need to get on with reading the heresy books. Bought the first book the other day but havent had a chance to read any yet.