Friday, August 28, 2009

Where do I go now?

Ive been doing a lot of thinking this week, about project armies and tournaments and competitive 40k.

Before I was stationed at Osan, Id competed in a few of the events held here at the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker, and elsewhere around here, and did ok for myself. Ive still got my "Best Painted" and "Best Sportsman" awards, but I never did do all that well with the actual gaming. Probably because I wasnt all that competitive, and didnt care all that much. I was just having fun. Honestly, I think I won a total of 3 or 4 games out of 7-8 tournaments I went to.

Lately Ive been thinking of trying to get back into it all, and actually putting an effort into taking a swing at some of those prizes I wasnt aiming for before. Ive been reading a lot of the different blogs on tactics and gaming, and I am thinking it is time to see if you can put a new shine on an old turd.

I havnt decided for sure which army I want to do this with, but I think the Red Scorpions are not going to be it. I have considered the IG for this, but thats much more money then I want to throw at this idea right now. Im actually leaning towards a Dark Angels army. I could get two tac squads with rhinos, two deathwing termy squads, two LR crusaders, and a character of some variety to lead them for roughly 1500, and tack on a command squad to get them to about 1700, I think. Id have to look into how many points these things run, to really start planning my list...



Matt said...

oh good ole Osan (memories)
Anyhow if yourgoing DA check me ut if you need any questions answered ill do my best.Plus I can give you all your point costs and save you from buying a dex if you are still in prep phase.
But with the DA one tip if your using terms. take Belial as yur chrater then your terms beome scoring troops.

Schnitzel said...

Stationed? Military?

I'd still go IG. It's not that expensive if you ease yourself into it slowly... I'm trying to do that myself actually. Figure 500 pts per every couple months... Build, paint, then buy process instead of splurging. If I want to play a bigger game I've got my C:SMs anyways.

Ryan said...

Aye, 9 years in the USAF... was at Osan (South Korea) for a year Nov 02-Nov 03.

I already have the codex... Ive got the habit of buying pretty much any book as soon as its out.

Thats actually a good idea (taking Beliel), no point in not having the terms being able to pull double duty.

I still might go IG anyways, or Orks, or Chaos, or even Red Scorpions. But I chose the DA because they are an underdog. A lot of what I read is about how they dont stack up compared to other armies, and I like a challenge. :)

Matt said...

USAF OSAN 1 fun year. I used the DA in my last tourny they are an underdog but they are looked over alot. People dont see it coming and get smoked or they crush you. Theres really not a middle ground for us. But supposedly the new multi dex/blood angels codex should update us, we'll see.

Ryan said...

"Multi-dex"? Ive not heard anything about this yet...

Is this the new Codex Angels of Death? (AoD was the original BA/DA codex)

John Lambshead said...

I would go for a 'codex' space marine army as giving the best value for money and investment of time.. There is a lot of second hand material on eBay that can be acquired at a very reasonable price.

You also get the chance to try out your very own paint menu.


PS My cousing retured a few years ago from a career in the RAF. He was a flight engineer on Vulcans for a while.