Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Of Dreadnoughts and Scorpions...

So, Im looking at the new Ironclad Dreadnought, and as I mentioned before, I was unsure of it. Angled plates and the segmented look of the body dont help too much, other then saying "this is not a normal dread"... But something was looking wrong to me. I just figured it out. The HK missiles. The missiles themselves look odd, compared others throughout the Imperial range, and the armored casings look like they are just floating there. Not too sure if they are fixable, or if Ill just be skipping on them...

Im not exactly fond of the seismic hammer either, but as far as rules go, its a better option then the chainfist. Even I can occasionally roll a 4+ for armor penetration.

Ive decided that my Red Scorpions 5th Company will have three dreadnoughts attached to it. One of them I already have (the MM/DCCW one from AoBR), at least one of the other two will be Ironclad, and Im seriously considering having the third be as well. "What about that sweet RS Venerable from FW?" I plan on getting one of them as well, though he will be a part of the 1st company, once I get Culln and some terminators/veterans. I am also considering having the third Dread be a normal MkIV dreadnought, I do love those models. :)

Today, before work, I finished up the last four Devastators of 9th squad, just need to finish basing them now. This leaves the Dreadnought, Tac Squad 3, and the Chapter Master model to paint, and I need to finish assembling the Rhino (tracks and hatches to go!), in the meantime, my 1250 list is completely painted.

I finally loaded up Army Builder again, and after playing around with it for a bit, figured out my Red Scorpions should be just shy of 4,000 points when I complete the battle company (which is my goal before I pick up other stuff from the Chapter). Thats 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads (Tac/Devs get Rhinos), a Command Squad + Captain (with Razorback), a Chaplain, and a trio of Dreads (each with a Drop Pod).

So yeah, thats my goal for now, finishing off the Battle Company. Ive got 40% of the battle brothers done, 33% of the Dreads, and 11% of the APCs assembled. Im going to try to catch up on the rhinos, then either alternate between a squad and its APC, or getting both at the same time... Also, once the stuff sitting on my table is done, Im back to only having one unpainted unit on the table at a time. Getting so far behind was one of the things that made me look elsewhere for stuff to do.

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