Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Army Ideas

After the last "random" post, I think this one will have a lot more order... sorta. Just some of the random army ideas Ive toyed around with, but havnt done anything with yet... and in at least half of the cases, I wont.

-Von Carstein Historical
This army is built around three "eras" in WH history. The first part is Vlad's bid to take over the Empire. Its got all the special characters (Mannfred the Acolyte version), and nearly all the units allowed, aside from the Blood Knights.

Second part is Konrad's rampages. He is the only vampire allowed, with a few necromancers. This list is mainly set for under 2k. Limited Corpse Carts, but Blood Knights are allowed.

Third part is the return of Mannfred, now a Count. Other vampires are allowed (but none of the special characters), as is pretty much everything he can throw at the Empire before Hel Fen.

-Mutant Guard
No history for this one, Im just tempted to take a bunch of Fantasy beastmen and file off the Chaos symbols (or not!), and slap Catachan arms with lasguns on them. Their squad and company leaders would be Cadian models, with plenty of commissars.

-Space Marine Homeworld
Many of the worlds that provide recruits for the Space Marines know of their overlords, and welcome them. The Ultramarines recruit the best from Macragge's schools. The Salamanders go one better and actually train potential recruits as blacksmiths before recruiting them. The Iron Stars, however, actually return to their extended families after completing their tour as a scout, and this chapter is well known for not only allowing the Imperial Guard to recruit from their homeworld, but for sending a few squads of Space Marines along with each regiment, to ensure commanders do not waste their kin in pointless actions.

Not too sure how to run this force, other then maybe an Inquisititorial Storm Trooper force, with Space Marine allies, or just save it for Apocalypse.

-"In the name of the Emperor!"
Another fantasy army based around a few special characters, this time all in the same time. Karl Franz, Kurt Helborg, Ludwig Schwartzehelm, Volkmar, and Balthasar Gelt, supported by a ton of Reiksguard, Greatswords, and state troops from Reikland and Altdorf. To include them all would require a 5k+ army...

-"Blood Elves"
More paint scheme then anything else, this was what I was planning when I picked up a High Elf Battalion box... Go look up Blood Elves in World of Warcraft. That red and gold color scheme they have? Yeah, that on High Elf models.

- "The Peasants are revolting!" "Yes they are..."
I want to make a peasant force from Bretonnia. Just because.

Lots of mutant ogres, from the Spawnchompers clan. Thats actually what Ive got, hidden away in the closet of DOOM. Ive got a few units of assorted mutations, and was in the middle of creating a conjoined twin model when I got bored and started working on something else.

-IG Frenzy
Is it just me, or are there a TON of potential ideas for the Guard if you dont tie yourself to a pre-described planet? Considering the number of IG blogs out there, no, its not just me. ;)

One I considered was taking WH Empire hand gunners and "counting them as" guardsmen.

-Blood Axes
Id like to be able to play IG with some Ork freebooters, or an Ork army with some IG advisors. "Sure, we will give you a thousand shooters, if you go in and kill off all those genestealers for us!"


These are a few of my ideas for now, Ill save more for later!


jabberjabber said...

So many cool ideas! I like the one with the beastmen and the catachans; but I'm biased :)

Tristan said...

Beasty IG could easily be daemonhunters adversarys. Love the idea of a Blood Elves force :) (more remembered from Warcraft III than WoW - which I avoided like the plague ;) )