Sunday, May 3, 2009

Painting Dwarfs

Ive got my Dwarfs almost to the point where I have to decide on a color scheme... The metal is done and Ive got the colors set aside for beards and painting the gold. Once those are done, Ill start painting the hold colors on the cloth. The question is which hold? Im not going with my old Akhaz Boki (Miner Hold). Ive gone a different way with the banners and actually included black powder weapons. So, my choices are either create another hold, use an existing one (maybe Karaz-a-Karak?) or do something different... Im leaning towards the something different, because Ive got an interesting idea.

The Dwarf Quarter of Altdorf. Paint these guys up as the traders, craftsmen, and assorted expatriots that live and work in Altdorf. Red and blue color scheme, with smaller imperial symbols on their banners, along with the typical dwarf stuff. This would go well with the idea I had about a large Empire force based around Altdorf and Reikland...

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