Monday, May 11, 2009

My look at the new Codex:IG - Troops

Part two of my drooling over the new Imperial Guard codex, this time my favorite section: Troops.

Platoon Command Squad: Same issues I had with the Company Command about the medic, this time the medic actually doubles beginning price for the squad...

Infantry Squad: Power weapons are now allowed as wargear, but they have lost bolters (at least one of my old Sgts is now retired because of this), and access to shotguns (was planning on picking up some FW shotgun vets to use as Sgts)... Sniper Rifles are a special upgrade, finally. Commissars are far to easy to get, still not liking that.

Heavy Weapon Squad: I like that they got rid of all the special designations, and made this unit capable of mixing guns.

Special Weapons Squads: 0-2 per platoon, instead of 0-2 per army? Hell yeah!

Conscripts: I think Id like these better if they still had the option for flamers and heavy bolters...

Veteran Squads: They may be cheaper compared to a full platoon of infantry, but they will die so much faster... still, the idea of six of these in chimeras does sound amusing to me!

Penal Legion Squads: Options man, options! But the Desperados rule does make this an interesting alternative.


Mr Syxx said...

I believe officers can still take bolt weapons though Ill have to double check.

BH Senior Editor

Ryan said...

Yeah, Officers can. There is a bolter on the Catachan sprue. I just dont want to "promote" the bolter guys I have.

Mr Syxx said...

yea My Cadian commander is kitted out with a bolter pistol, but on the plus side they upped the heavy weapons and Meltas are much better now.


Anonymous said...

I too miss the Conscript options. I had used Necromunda models as hive gangers and had one particularly cool looking heavy stubber (I think) standing in as a heavy bolter. I might have to promote some of them to a Veteran Squad instead.

On the other hand, Veteran Squads let me field my Elysian D-99 without FW rules, so I'm mighty pleased with that.