Sunday, May 10, 2009

My look at the new Codex:IG - HQ

Im a dirty rat. Its true. I got my copy of the codex the day it was released, I just kept up the charade that I didnt have it because I was hoping to slam Mikie with an army he wasnt expecting. Well, I think the window for that being funny is closing, and it would just be sad to keep the story going. Its still going to be a while before I have the command squads I want to run the army the way I want to.

By now everyone has dissected and torn apart the new codex. Everyone knows everything there is to know about it, right? Yeah, probably. Im gonna do something a bit different. Im gonna poke at all the choices, one section a night for this week. Much like the Monday Top Ten, this is my opinion as a gamer who plays for fun, not always to win. So, tonight, Im looking at the HQ section.

Company Command Squad - Well, it appears gear standardization continues unabated, with refractor fields and frag grenades. I do like that carapace armor is now an option for the entire squad. Im trying to decide on Medics. Is +30 too much to pay to give this squad FnP? For that many points you can just get another infantry command squad... Why does the COMPANY command have the REGIMENTAL standard? I like that they included heavy flamers, I plan to include a few of those.

Regimental Advisers - Im not sure there is anything I can say about these guys that everyone else has said. I find the whole concept of the advisers cool, and wish there were even more choices... Lets see, an Arbites Liaison for fighting traitors, a Xeno-biologist for killing aliens, and hell, an Inquisitorial Envoy just because! ...hmmm, I might be busting out the Experimental Rules tag again soon.

Special Characters - Dunno, didnt look, I dont use special characters. Nice fluff though! :)

Lord Commissar/Commissars - Commissars have always been one of the coolest parts of the IG, now there are two versions of them. At first I had issue with there being a potential for so damn many of them. Seriously, you can get something like 38 of them on a single force org chart. Thats a bit excessive for a regiment, let alone a company. So, I figured a little creative justification was needed... Way back when, they used to have Commissar Training Squads. Im figuring that the Lord Commissar is the seasoned veteran, and all the lesser Commissars are still trying to earn their Black Hat of Badass-ness. Sorta like Gaunt at the beginning of the first book.

Primaris Psyker - I am SO happy they decided to buff up the psyker, even if he is just one per HQ slot now. Kinda amused that he gets a refractor field though...

Ministorum Priests - Once again, they lost their single plasma gun (or was it the Inquisitorial version that had it?)... Hell, they lost almost all their options. Shotguns and Eviscerators are it. Rosarius is standard now. In other news, they are no longer totally crazy, so your units that they are attached to can sit and shoot in peace. Ill prolly be including a few of these, just because.

Techpriest Enginseer - Like the previous choice, the options for these guys have been gutted. To the bone in this case, as they can take Servitors and/or Meltabombs. Yep, thats it. Its not even a proper servitor firebase anymore, as its the same as the Space Marine choice. Id figured these guys at least would have access to some sort of fun weapons, or at the very least a stormbolter. Bleh.

Tomorrow night Ill look at the Troops choices.


Chris said...

Don't know about the old IG priests, but Witch Hunters priests can certainly take a plasma gun (just the one though).

I run a Plague Marine army, where every troop choice has FnP. To be honest, there is so much that you don't get a FnP roll against that it may not be worth it if you can get alot of other stuff for your 30 points I'd go for that. Especially true as you get no FnP against instant death causing weapons which if your army is T3 is going to be a lot of things.

Master Darksol said...

I agree with Chris. I thought it was cool that they included it, but after thinking about it for a while, I felt that 30 points was too much for FnP when the unit's Toughness is only 3. Eldar Scatter Lasers cause Instant Death... A lot of things will now. It would only be useful for S5 or lower stuff.

...and as you said, you could get another Command Squad for 30