Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My look at the new Codex:IG - Elites

Tonight Ill give the Elites section a look over, and tomorrow is Heavy Support... Im actually dreading that one...

Ogryn Squad - Ogryns got better, no doubt about it. Harder to insti-kill, But Id prolly not include unless its a themed (Catachan) list.

Ratling Squad - Still short, still snipers. Lost their go to ground, but now everyone has it. I dont think Ive ever used them, and probably wont, but thats just my (lack of) taste.

Psyker Battle Squad - The new "wonder toy". Seems like everyone is going crazy over how wonderful this squad is. Teamed up with ratlings and that enemy unit will never move! Same for with a Morter squad or vehicle mounted artillery. They can get a S9 blast to pulp tanks! ..they are still T3 with a 5+ armor save, and huge "Plank Me Like A Naughty Schoolgirl!!" signs. No doubt Ill eventually try them out, but they seem very fragile to me, even when shoved into a Chimera.

Storm Trooper Squad - Lets see... S3 AP3... Im kinda amused they went back to the old name of Hot Shot lasguns.

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