Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Gaming

Mikie came over for a few games this weekend. We played 1250 Red Scorpions vs Necrons, and a 500 point Dwarfs vs Wood Elves.

First up the Necrons came along, and tried to slap me silly, but when the game ended Id scored more kill points then my entire army was worth, and still had most of my force in one shape or another... One of my tactical squads is getting demoted to IG conscript status soon, if they keep up the shoddy performance they showed this weekend. They couldnt hit, couldnt wound, and when charged by the flayed ones, the only model that really mattered (VSgt with powerfist) was cut down in the first round. The only thing the survivors could really do was make armor saves!


When that Scarab Swarm comes jetting around cover on the flank, let them come to you. Dont pull yourself out of position for a round of rapid fire, its just not worth it.

Plasma Cannons knock Necrons down good! Too bad most of them kept getting back up.

If your opponent gets to redeploy your mishapping deepstrikers, just be grateful they didnt die on their way in.

Second game was a trial run for the Escalation Thing, I took the list posted previously, he had 8 dryads, 10 archers, 6 light horsemen, and a caster. I spent the entire game making appropriately Dwarfy comments about trees and Elves.

He ran his horse guys up the side, where they took a load of dwarfen shot, and lost 4 of their models. They then ran around the side, shot a bit at my cannon crew, charged in, lost combat and fled... only to rally, and charge an otherwise engaged unit of thunderers in the rear... only to flee one more.

His Dryads walked up the middle and charged my warriors, and then spent most of the rest of the game trading hits (and failure to wound, and making saves) with them. For only having a 5+ ward, they sure made a lot of saves! I ended up flank charging them with my thunderers, for lack of other targets worth the effort. Eventually I cut them down like the trees they were!

His archers and caster (equipped with bow and doohicky of not allowing armor saves) started at range, but started moving when their targets were all in melee. His caster was lackluster at best, as he ended up with the Tree Singing spell, and there was only a single wood on the table. His only having 3 casting dice didnt help him either, as I tossed all four of my dispel dice nearly all the time.


I need to guess ranges better, and remember that Dwarf handguns get +1 to hit.

Mikie needs to ditch the caster for a more warrior-ish leader. The only thing that made the caster worthwhile were her bow shots.

My Thane needs to drop his shield for a great weapon. It was nice having a 2+ save in melee, but I never needed it! Wounding my targets on a 2+ would be far more useful, and its not likely Id even notice the whole going last bit... On that note, I think I also want to include some warriors with great weapons... or maybe some Longbeards, even though I really didnt need any help on the panic side...


Tristan said...

Only one wood? Playing wood elves? He should read his army book, pretty sure there are rules on extra woods for the tree-pansys.

Ryan said...

That one wood was only because of the sad state of my terrain collection...

Anonymous said...

Wood Elves get to add 1 small piece of wood to any board they play on, so that piece was my only set of trees.
Eventually we'll get more terrain, hopefully some more woods pieces as well.
I don't think the casters shooting was worthwhile, i only killed 1 model with my Arcane Bodkins, didn't even pay for the item in value.
Next game i try a lvl 2 caster :)

The 25mm Warrior said...

That was cool to read a Warhammer Fantasy blog entry. Never played it myself. Sounds like fun!

Ryan said...

It is fun, different tactics, different focus, and different models! :)