Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rolling on with the "Crusade"

Well, I boxed up the all my Space Marines except the Red Scorpions, the Marines Errant, and the Imperial Fists. Once that was done I reorganized how I had them set on the shelf. Previously they were set up by Chapter (as seen here), but now they are grouped by troop type. All the Tactical squads are grouped, the Assault and Devastator squads have their own spots, and all the command is together... that and pulling the others off has made the shelf more roomy, so its easier to sort out what Ive got going. Im planning on a pic or three when I get home today, so hopefully Ill upload that before going to bed.

In addition to sorting them out on the shelf, Im working on a few army lists that will use models from all three chapters. This (I hope) will motivate me to paint the models in that list.

At least, thats the plan...


The 25mm Warrior said...

Wow that is an impressive collection of Space Marines. Just bummed I can;t really see how you got em painted. I would like to see you Imperial Fists up close and certainly would like a peek at your Scorpions :)

P.S. How do I make the top ten anyway :)? Brilliant blog you have here!

Ryan said...

Well, in that case Ill make sure those pics are up after I get home from work. :)

Thanks, making the Top Ten is both very easy and very difficult. All you have to do is post something that catches my eye, then your post dukes it out with about 20 other posts (figuratively), to see who the 10 for the week are. My finding stuff to put up is easy, my cutting it down is the hard (but fun) part!