Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looking at Catachans

Many people dislike the Catachan Jungle Fighters, mainly because of the overly muscled arms. That has not bothered me all that much, and with the new codex on the way, Ive had the "new army itch".

This is the list Im thinking of playing with... Of course its all subject to change with me getting the codex and actually putting models together, but I figure getting things looked at before cant hurt... As a rough guess, this should be 1000 points, options will adjust that, and if needed Ill drop one of the Russ to make it 1k. ;)

Command Squad w/medic, banner, vox

3 Ogryns

Infantry Platoon
Command w/ medic, banner, vox
3 Infantry squads

Infantry Platoon
Command w/ medic, banner, vox
3 Infantry squads
Heavy Weapon squad

Fast Attack
3 Sentinals

Heavy Support
2 Leman Russ

Plans for special/heavy weapons is lots of flamers and grenade launchers, plus heavy flamers for the command squads. Im thinking mortars for the infantry squads, and either heavy bolters, autocannons, or missile launchers for the HW squad. Officers are looking at power weapons for the LTs, and a fist for the Captain... If I can get combi-weapons, there will be one or two, otherwise its pistols. I have no idea what Ill do with the sentinels, though it will probably be in keeping with the jungle fighter theme.



Alvin Khaw said...

I think you can outflank the Sentinels and dakka your opponent to death. They must form a distraction to the enemy, so your other forces can move in...

Well, that's what people do with 9 Eldar War Walkers...

Col. Corbane said...

Give them plasma cannons and what the smurfs run for the hills mate.

Wanderer787 said...

I personally would take the Ogryns out of the list. They don't seem worth their points, in most cases. But who knows, maybe the new Codex will fix that!

Ryan said...

I looked over the numbers again, and it looks like Id be dropping one of the Russ and the Ogryns to make 1k. I want to give the sentinels something fairly low-tech, to match the Catachan theme, probably flamers or missile launchers.

Ill still add the Ogryns back in later on, they may be fairly ineffective, but they fit in with the rest of the "baby ogryns".