Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Escalation thing write-up.

Looks like Disorderlies Tyrant is joining in the fun, and Keith is almost confirmed as being in as well! That makes four for the Escalation type thing. I spent a good part of this morning hammering out what should be the guidelines for this mess, and now Ill share them with you all!

500-1000 Gumby list

1000-1999 Set troops, Gumby characters.

2000+ Set troops, Set characters, Gumby "optionals"

(Gumby= flexible, not set in stone, change with a whim.
Optionals= anything beyond the character/unit choice, ie: mounts, equipment/magic items, magic levels, etc.
Set= the unit is set, size and optionals are still adjustable)

Games: At least two games against seperate opponents every "turn". Games happen on Saturdays, unless other plans are made.

Goal is not a win/loss record, but a scaling, controlled environment to learn to use your forces, and give direction to your buying/painting schedule. Having said that, we will keep track of win/loss, to help everyone know what they need to work on beating.

Each turn is two months, unless the entire group thinks the turn can end prior to that. Every turn, the point value goes up by 125 points. Starting at 500, and ending at 2250, unless people agree to continue playing.

Armies are looking like Greenskins (Keith), Dwarfs (Ryan), Dark Elves (DT), and Wood Elves (Mikie). If needed/desired, other armies can be pulled out for practice games, though these will not count towards the 2 game per turn minimum. Tomb Kings, and Warriors of Chaos are open from Ryan; Skaven are run by Mike; Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen, and Ogre Kingdoms are open from DT.

Additions: If anyone knows of someone interested in joining in the fun, let us know and we can discuss allowing them to join in. (Personally, Im willing to allow join-ins at higher point values. The more people playing, the more practice games we get in!)

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