Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where I have been...

Im thinking tonight is a post about armies gone by... Ive had many, many armies over the years, not many have come to good ends, but they have all contributed to the way I play my games. I think the easiest way is just going to be by system... I tried to list them by time frame and it just didnt work for me. So, Ill list army and the number of times Ive collected that army over the years. For it to count as an army, Im thinking at least 500 points assembled...

Fantasy -
Dwarfs, 2
Skaven, 2
Chaos.. lots?
-Mortals, 3-4
-Beasts, 2
-Messy 4th ed combined list, 2
Bretonians, 1
Empire, 2
Vampire Counts, 2
Tomb Kings, 1
High Elves, 1
Dark Elves, 1
Greenskins, 1-2
Lizardmen, 1
Ogre Kingdoms, 1

Chaos... lots!
-Black Legion, 2
-Night Lords, 1
-Iron Warriors, 1
-The Purge, 1
-Death Guard, 2
-Word Bearers, 1
Imperial Space Marines...lots!
-Blood Angels, 2
-Black Templars, 2
-Dark Angels, 1
-Space Wolves, 3
-Ultramarines, 1
-Imperial Fists, 1
-Assorted Home Grown, 5+
Eldar, 2
Dark Eldar, 1
Orks, 4
Necrons, 1
Tau, 2
Inquisition, 2
Imperial Guard, 3-4
Tyranids, 3

Epic 40k
Chaos, 1
Squats, 1

Orlocks, 1
Goliaths, 1
Escher, 1

Middenheimers, 1
Skaven, 1
Dwarfs, 1
Undead, 1

Chaos, 1

Morkers, 1

Chaos, 1

Lots of them, huh? I think thats over 15 years worth of work. Most of my models from before I joined the Air Force ended up in my Mom's garage, and eventually lost as she moved. To make matters worse, most of the models I picked up between joining and getting back from Korea were "lost" by my now ex-wife... Though I still have all the rulebooks and White Dwarf magizines from over the years, 185 of them as of right now.


Siph_Horridus said...

I think you are solely responsible for keeping GW stateside looking at all that!

Ryan said...

HAHA!! Yeah, that was the joys of being young and dumb, with plenty of disposable income and not much attention span.