Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Game

Mikie and I had our game this afternoon. 2250, Nurgloid Chaos Marines VS Sisters of Battle. Game should have been a win for me, he had a single squad of battle sisters left, where I had about 70% of my force remaining. However, it was not. I keep telling people that my Nurgle armies are hell for me to win with, but hell to win against. Mikie saw that first hand.

We had three objectives, and none of them had any troops nearby at the end of the game (I had a plague marine squad about 15 inches from one, and was trying to get there for T6).

That photo above does not inspire confidence, does it? That was my To Wound roll with my Greater Daemon after he charged a unit of Nuns... Hit six times, rolled a one for ALL the wounds...

And yes, I still need to get that second sheet of fabric to base my table...


CrusherJoe said...

Yeah...I've had games like that.

Come to think of it, I've had tournaments like that.

It happens my man, but don't they say, "Whatever doesn't..." ah screw it, having a dice curse just simply sucks, there's no two ways about it!

Good luck for next time, though, I hope!!

Wanderer787 said...

Yech, the old cursed dice. I've been having that problem recently with my GW dice. I'm tempted to punish them with a sledgehammer! :)

Things'll pick up, though. Dice can only crap on you so many times before you start getting some good results.

Ryan said...

Well, in that case, Im due! All my dice have hated me since I started rolling them. Doesnt matter if its Warhammer, D&D, or even Monopoly!