Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making Changes

So, I came to a decision this morning, Im turning my one mostly easily managable project and turning it into two... kinda.

The Zeist Campaign is mostly the later founding chapters that are involved, being led by Captain Sicarius of the Ultramarines.

The Founding Legions Project is my making things difficult for myself! Im planning on painting models for each of the nine loyalist legions, as they stand at M41. Im half considering adding special characters, even though I normally dont use them, just to cement the character of the chapter.

This sort of solves a problem Ive noticed lately: The Red Scorpions. Whats the problem? Its that I was trying to keep them as part of the whole, instead of being the whole. Im hoping this "redistribution" forces me to refocus on the crusade, and not just one chapter.

So, saying Im doing this doesnt really force me to do anything, does it? Thats why I created project logs for the Founding Legions Project and for the Zeist Campaign. My goal is to add at least one set of pictures of a painted unit to each listing each month. Thats two units each month total, simple, right?

Im planning on keeping this one open for all the normal day to day blogging and whatnot, and using those two for project specific pictures and fluff.


natsirtm said...

Be sure to post a little heads up on this blog to let us know. (My list of followed blogs is already huuge)

Ryan said...

Will do! :)

I understand about the huge blog lists, when I was setting those up, it told me I was following 109 different blogs!

RonSaikowski said...

I can hardly keep up with one blog and some of you guys have 3 or 4 you keep running.

Looking forward to your "project."

Ryan said...

Well, for me, its easier because I do most of my blogging at work, where Im not allowed to paint for some odd reason. ;)