Saturday, March 28, 2009

Forge World Wish List

Lepp brought up a good point. Those of us who order from Forge World fairly recently have seen that "What one item would you like to see us make" question.

And Lepp is right, thats an unfair question. I have to choose one? In their defense, asking "whats your top five most wanted?" would make a lot more work for them, and Id rather they spent the time packing and sculpting and shipping.

In no particular order, what Id like to see out from Forge World.

Armor variant parts. Imagine having a set of parts to mix and match with from Mk1 through the mythical Mk8, both for Imperials and Chaos. (Ok, I lied, this one actually is my #1.)

Venerable Dreadnaughts for the Founding Chapters (two down, seven to go!)... though maybe the White Scars shouldnt get one.

Generic Dreads for the Chaos Gods. All World Eaters are Khornate, but not all Khornate Chaos Marines are World Eaters...

More Daemon Engines. Lots more. Big ones, small ones, ones that dance on their heads... you get the idea.

More Eldar. More Necrons. Maybe even an Ork or two... more conversion/add on kits for existing vehicles would be cool. Variant Destroyers maybe?

More Nuns-With-Guns. Think about this, FW could make them the "Official FW Army" and do them up proper, since GW doesnt want to/cant do them in plastic. Metal or resin...

Warhammer Fantasy... Why do they do nothing here? I understand people like tanks, but after popping out two unique IG regiments and parts for others, plus the Red Scorpions and some of their special character models, they really have no excuse to not be doing the occasional stunty or lizardman.

Of course, I also have a separate wish list for the Red Scorpions... ;)


Siph_Horridus said...

Everytime i order from FW i say an Emperor and Horus diorama. They must of had a tonne of requests by now!

Equinox said...

I would love to see the following from Forgeworld:
+Anything necron that isn't a super heavy.
+Dogs of War as the FW fantasy army (This seems like such a good fit.)
+A new crisis suit variant that is a fast attack option.
+alternative heads for space marines, eldar, tau.

Ryan said...

Wow, Dogs of War, I hadnt even thought of that! That would be an awesome fit for FW! I think I have my new thing to put in every time I order... which is very rarely.