Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rethinking Veterans

Im reconsidering adding Veterans to my Red Scorpions. To be more specific, Im rethinking the metal Sternguard and Vanguard models. I love the models, but between sculpted details on the shoulders, lack of choice on gear without conversion, and just plain cost, I think Id be better served by using plastic assault and tactical marines. One of the benefits of playing 15+ years is an extensive bits box. Marking these models as veterans is as simple as pulling out a set of Crux power armor shoulder pads (Ive got about 25 in my box). Vanguard Veterans will also need a few power weapons, already included in that kit. Of course, Ill be using the Forge World Vanguard kit for these guys, which shoots down my cost complaint! ;)

Sternguard require a bit more thought. One thing I considered was all combi-guns, but thats a bit more expensive point-wise then I want. Im thinking 2-3 add on combiweapons in the 10-man squad, plus whatever I give the Sgt. So, what about the rest? How will I show that they are carting around more then your average boltgun? Simple. Ive usually added a single ammo pouch to each marine, Ill just overload the vets with them, two of the long pouches, and maybe a smaller one as well if there is space after the grenades. That and a scope oughta do it, right?


eriochrome said...

My sternguard generally run 1 combi plasma, 1 combi melta, and a normal meltagun.

Chris said...

I actually did a combo of models: 6 of the new metal stern guard 1 with combi-melta + an extra with the combi plasma plus 2 of the ultra marine tyranic war veterans [san ultramarine symbols] (thank you drimmel) + 1 other generic metal marine (with scope) and + 1 plastic converion using the limited edition veteran sergeant's arm

The most unique thing about the vets is that scope. I haven't ever added scopes to my normal marines so the Vets kind of stand out in that way.

I'm still debating if I should do white helmets for the vets or just blend them in with the rest of the tacs

...The army is Crimson Fists...

The squad looks good painted up. And though I don't like having 2 models that look the same - the combi-weapon models actually look different enough when painted differently that it's not too distracting (at least I haven't gone OCD on it) ;)

Ryan said...

Yeah, that was another thing I was concerned about, if I added plastics/different metals, how they would appear together.

Oddly enough, I havnt used any scopes on my RS yet, even though I like them, so that will help out to make them stand out.

White or Blue helmets on Crimson Fists vets... tough call. Old fluff said the Imperial Fists (CFs parent legion) use red stripes or red skulls as a veteran mark, So you could do that instead, but then the Terminator in the current codex has the blue helmet, so thats a point in favor of just blue.

Kantor Base ( has some Sternguard showing that have the blue helmets too, doesnt look too bad.

I cant say Ive seen any Crimson Fists veterans with the white helmet, though it doesnt mean it cant be done.