Friday, January 16, 2009

This and that...

Figured Id better put something up, seeing as I doubt Ill be posting else anything until next week. So, what to write about? A little of everything I think.

Did you know Im basically paid to blog? Kinda, sorta, not really. I work overnight tech support, kinda. Im the only one here, and its rare that I have anything to do. So, I surf the internet, and read a lot of webcomics, plus D&D rulebooks, novels... and Warhammer/40k rulebooks/codexes. Because Im online so much at work, Ive been trying to cut down on my web surfing at home, which includes this blog.

I actually was planning on going to Arundel Mills for a pick up game this afternoon, but with the cold, I decided to not drive more then I had to. Though I might try to head to the Bunker on saturday, maybe.

The friend that was possibly moving in with us has found alternate accommodations, so it looks like my game table is back on! Add in that my paycheck is about $80 more then expected this payday (and I was already expecting a larger then normal check due to 10 hour days), and I think my table might get underway this weekend.

Ive had the army swap bug for the past few days, again. Im not exactly sure what Im going to do with it, there have been a few things that caught my eye (Daemons of Khorne, Tyranids), but the one that Im trying to steer myself to is IG. Why? Ive got a fairly simple paint scheme in mind, and Ive got about 150 plastic cadians and 4 Leman Russ' still on the sprue under my desk. Plus I think IG and Space Marines would make for a great Crusade force.

Tonight I added a counter to the page, and there is possibly another change on the way, Ill chatter about that later, hopefully.

Painting... ahh painting... I actually didnt get any done this week, the Red Scorpions are still in their travel case from last weeks game... Im so ashamed. Im gonna kick myself to finish the Assault squad this weekend.

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natsirtm said...

Just stall on the new army, focus on painting and I bet the new IG codex will rev your engine ;)