Monday, December 15, 2008

Introductory Posts ALWAYS Suck.

And I doubt this one will be different. Lets see, basics: 30-something gamer, married, no kids yet. I work overnight IT, and will frequently complain about tiny paychecks. Fair warning. I have an addiction to caffeine, drug of choice being Dr Pepper (occasionally laced with Captain Morgan).

Im heavy into my fluff, and prefer story based games to cut throat antics. Im a decent painter, and a friendly gamer, and have brought home Best Painted and Best Sportsman from the few tournaments Ive been to, to show for it.

I like Warhammer Fantasy, but am more likely to paint or play 40k. I have a few armies that are Apocalypse sized, with my Black Legion CSMs topping 5k last time I added them up. I think you could count the number of armies I have NOT tried from both fantasy and 40k on a single hand.

My projects lately have been Red Scorpion Space Marines and Dark Elves, though Im frequently likely to box the DEs up and try setting up another army in their space to inspire me to paint.

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