Friday, December 30, 2016

Die 2016, die!

Well, that has been a year, hasnt it? So, yeah. Hobby stuff. This week, I got distracted a bit...
 First I decided to paint something a bit different, and dusted off a Trollblood Impaler that had been sitting for a VERY long time... Also decided to play with my light box a bit more, and try out the other colored backgrounds. I like how it looks with the blue.

I also started work on this little piggy... pic was taken while the paint was still drying, and I dont think I got much further. Yet.

So, since this is more of a year end post, how did I do, painting-wise over all that time I wasnt blogging? Well... Best guess I can put together from everything I posted over the past year on Twitter is that I worked on 424 models through the year. Whether that is slapping paint, or building, or whatever. Obviously I didnt BUY 424 models last year, many of those have just carried over a few years now.

But how many models did I actually finish work on? That number is MUCH less impressive... Best guess is... 57. Guess I am going to have to try harder in 2017.

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