Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another year, another batch of models...

Another year down, and surprisingly a lot of stuff done on my part this time. (A bit pic heavy!)

Last year I was pretty burnt out on building models, think I went three months or more where I was just getting stuff prepped for the trip or the big game (that I ended up missing) or just to get it built. Decided that this year I wanted to get more painted than I built. I dont think I actually made that goal, but it was really close... Figure Ill go down the list.

Death Guard Legion

I think I started the year with just Typhon and a pair of terminator squads, and now? Now I am sitting at somewhere around 4,000 points fully painted, and two more characters to finish. Havnt decided if I am done for now, or if Ill keep adding. We will see.
 Kitbashed "Occult Binder" Librarian.
 Tactical Squad.
 Betrayal at Calth characters converted, needing paint.
 Another Tactical Squad.
 Tactical Support Squad with flamers.
 Mortarion with his Deathshroud.
Converted Durak Rask, Death Guard Siegemaster

Current fully painted Horus Heresy force, Death Guard, Knight, Navigator, and Night Lords.
Took a while, but I got 35 points built for a game (which I think I missed), and then, over a wild weekend, I got that full army painted. I still have about as many more models to build and paint, but it is much less intimidating now.
 Lord Carver
Full 35pts. Two Brigand units, Slaughterhousers, two Gun Boars, War Boar, and Rorsh & Brine.

Started work on these, and kinda just fell off. Stryker and a couple 'Jacks done, but still need to finish basing the Long Gunners so I can prime and paint them. Maybe next year, as they are my only Warmachine faction currently.
Commander Stryker.

Started a new force this year, pretty fun one too. With a Knight I have about 1500 points, so obviously plenty of room to grow. So far only the Onager is painted, but interest is building to work on them again.

Storm Fists
Kinda falling out with the Storm Fists lately. I rebased (mainly with extenders) the force, but lacking interest in getting them all painted up again. Kinda sad, Ive got another 1500pts or so to do for them.
 Infantry after being rebased.
And with some drop pods.

Stormcast Eternals
Age of Sigmar rolled out, and I fell in love with these guys. Started work on the Hallowed Knights chamber. Currently just the AoS box plus a unit each of Judicators and Decimators. About half of them are painted currently, might get back to them eventually...
 Current force.
Lord Relictor

Goretide/Daemons of Khorne
This is where I am showing most of my love currently. "World That Was" Warriors of Chaos was awfully bland to me, never could get excited about working on them, but I am having so much fun with the new system and models. Currently have a unit of Skullcrushers and Skullreapers in the works, with Bloodreavers and Blood Warriors waiting for their turn. I decided to add some Khorne Daemons to the mix, just because they fit. Currently just a unit of Bloodletters, but have plans for a centerpiece model soon too. Maybe more of an expansion as well.
 Khorgos Khul

 More Bloodreavers
 Even more Bloodreavers.
Blood Warriors

I decided to add some Beastmen to my Goretide, for ranged attacks and variation, but have since decided to keep them allied, but separate. Beast tribe of the Ashen Eye is what Im calling them. Currently just the Battalion box and a Shaman, but planning on giving them a bit more fun stuff as well. Gors and Ungors are getting painted alongside the Goretide models on table right now. Overall, thinking Ill be using them as allies and a starting buffer, so I can add new Chaos God forces as/if I decide, and not worry about having a full force right out the gate.

Salamanders Legion

So, I painted up a Centurion as a Salamander, thinking Id start them with the Betrayal at Calth set, but havnt really done anything else with them yet. Still unsure.
Salamanders Consul-Delegatus

So, yeah, Ive managed to keep myself busy! Plan for next year? More of the same. Knock models out, and have fun with it!

Fun fact: I was originally just going to post a wall of text, but at the last minute decided to crawl through my twitter posts, and collect some pics from there. I barely skimmed and got 30...