Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reflections on home

"Tell me of your homeworld, Commander" she asked.

"The Chapter is my home, our fleet ever searching for the world our Chapter built it's fortunes upon for thousands of years. Someday we will find it, and reclaim what cruel fate tried to deny us."

"I, however, originally hail from a world of mighty trees. As tall and nearly as wide as a hive city, and much more densely packed. We lived and built our villages among the branches, never seeing the ground. We lived a simple life, harvesting the fruits that grew around us, and hunting the mega-rodents and birds that lived around us. And we warred, all the tribes were constantly seeking more stable branches further inward towards the trunk. Tribes that were driven out had to move further along the thinner branches, or move further down, into the shadowed depths."

"There was a serious bout of branchrot infesting the trees when I was recruited, many of the tribes were being forced to move closer to the trunk, and were getting into conflict with those already in place. Many bloody battles were fought, and the Storm Fists took advantage to find the best of the young warriors. We were taken up and ascended, and have never been back to that world. I never even knew the Imperial name of it."

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