Monday, July 27, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #18

Late? Perhaps, but I fully intend to blame helping my sister-in-law move on Friday for that.


The Age of Sigmar train keeps on rolling, and I am still liking what I see. Got the new book, finally, and enjoyed the whole damn thing. Not much else is going on for hobby. Right? Nope, nothing exciting...


What is that... No...

PLASTIC MKIV SPACE MARINES!! Sorry, had to say it. Rumor sites around will have the pics available, so go hunting!  I am already plotting plans and planning plots on how I will be using these models, whenever they may be released.

Hobby & Gaming-

Been slowly working on my first unit of Stormcast Eternals, decided to use part of my test model's scheme, and am painting them as Hallowed Knights.


Obviously MKIV is on the brain tonight, so a slowball for you: Night Lords. Mix in a few stolen Imperial bits, and the Warband of the Exalted would be simpler than snot.

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