Monday, June 22, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #13

Posting on Monday, rather than Friday? Did I get lazy again? Nope! I get to blame technical difficulties this time! Yay technical difficulties!


News... Uhh. Hmm. Dark Angels codex is up for pre-orders, as expected. I'm skipping this one for a few months, as I want to save money for....

Age of Sigmar. Ive seen two almost exactly opposite sets of rumors about this new edition already, so my stance is now officially "Ill believe it when I see it". Plan is that Ill get the rule book release, and the starter game box (if there is one). But, I'm going to hold off on new armies until they have all been released, so I can decide which I actually like rather than start each in turn when I decide I like the newer one better than the previous.

Hobby & Gaming-

Gaming... Last Saturday I got one final game with Robert in... and lets just say we are both glad there were no pics of that game. He played Chaos Marines, and I am embarrassed that I tabled him. My Knight Crusader is unofficially retired from smaller games.

On the hobby side, well, I purchased the new Warmachine book Reckoning, and you know what that means, right? Yep, I am working on Farrow again! (No, don't try to understand.) Ive managed to knock out Rorsh & Brine, a full unit of 10 Farrow Brigands, a Razorback crew, and even the Opera Piggy herself: Helga the Conqueror. Right now, I have a Road Hog waiting for assembly.


Just a color scheme idea this week. Someday, I want to see someone paint up a Space Marine army in a Dia de Muertos (the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead) style. Would look pretty cool, I think!  

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