Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rebased Storm Fists

This weekend was taken up by my finishing off all those bases.Im actually surprised I finished them! I would clean up the ring sections with a file, drill out the hole a bit, glue them on, then fill gaps with greenstuff. After that, glue a bit of sand around the expansion, and slap black paint on as an undercoat. Paint as normal then.
This guy loves the wider base.
32mm next to 25mm, easier to see how much better it is.
Finished tactical and sternguard models in the display case, with scouts hiding behind.
All the rebased models, group pic!
Close up.
Once more!

I also repainted the bases of the Scouts and the fliers, to match the new colors I went with for bases.

Actually, I did base two more models, but they are still unfinished, so no pics of them in the group...

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