Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pass and Review

I have always been afflicted by what I call "Hobby ADD". Anyone who has read this blog for more than a few months will likely be completely unsurprised. Tonight, I am playing around with a list of  armies I am currently working on, and some possibilities for the future... Figure I may as well go by system, that should keep things simpler to sort. Maybe.

Death Guard - My primary 30k force, currently around 1700 points fully painted, and another 1300 or so waiting for my attention to swing back their way. Theme plan for them is that they are members of the 1st Great Company, and thus (mostly) loyal to Typhon, Mortarion, and Horus.

Night Lords - Still sitting at under 700 points, they started out as my 30k force, but were quickly knocked from that dark throne. I want to add a bit more, maybe move them to a full 1000 points, and use them as an allied force. Don't really have a theme for them currently, but as I write, Im getting an amusing idea to use them as Loyalists instead. I may toy with this idea...

Knight House Hodagi - Currently consists of a single Knight Errant, to be used as a Lord of War or an ally. Long term plans are to add a few more so I can play them as a Questoris Knight Crusade, or as Imperial Knights in 40k. Currently there are a few knights that don't cross over (Styrix, and the three new plastic variants), but I like them all, so Ill probably get what I like and pick the appropriate list to use what I want. Theme for this force is tied in with my ideas for Forge World Gersi, as their subject world.

Skitarii/AdMech/Mechanicum* -  My Skitarii are currently sitting at about 1000 points, with just the Onager painted (though I did work on the Vanguard earlier today!). Plan is to continue work on the Battle Maniple formation, an easy list to work with. In the longer term, I want to add models from the assorted 30k Mechanicum lists, to represent all the resources that my home-grown Forge World has available. Theme for them is that Mortarion stumbled upon and saved their world early on, and they have been supporting his interests during his part of the Great Crusade, and followed him into heresy.

*technically the Skitarii and other Adeptus Mechanicus book(s) are 40k, not 30k, however local opinion is to count them as Mechanicum until we hear otherwise.
Chaos Daemons (Nurgle) - Actually a bit of a placeholder, as the only model I currently have is a single Daemon Herald, with a box of Plaguebearers in the mail. Plan is use them as summoning filler for the Occult Binder (Librarian) I am converting for the Death Guard, though if things work out, I might expand into a full army. Theme here is that Mortarion is teaching some few former Librarians in the arts of binding, banishing, and controlling "witchery". Of course, who do they gravitate towards binding? You got it.

Storm Fists - Im sorta losing interest in these guys at the moment. Roughly 2000 points, all painted except a unit of bikers. I have a few other boxes of Space Marines as well, but they are on hold, in case I decide to do a Chapter hop.

Dark Angels and other assorted Space Marines - In addition to the above, Ive got a few units and/or characters from the Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Minotaurs, Black Templars, and Blood Angels. Keeping them handy to use as allies, but only the first is reasonably fleshed out to play solo. Possible I will pick one of these as my next 40k army, but then maybe not. 

Red Scorpions - These guys got boxed up, and on the Forgotten Shelf, but they are still around. A full battle company, minus four rhinos. Biggest thing keeping me from doing anything with them? The yellow/brown I used for their trim is out of production, and the closest variant is still too bright. Havnt been able to mix it properly.

Chaos Marines - Ive got a bit of a collection together right now, almost all in grey plastic. I was inspired by the Crimson Slaughter, but then I got distracted and moved on. As usual. As of right now, they are somewhere between getting hauled out to the shed, and being saved for whenever Nurgle Daemonkin get done.

Necrons - Another bit of a placeholder. Currently I have two boxes of Tomb Blades, as a start to a Reclamation Legion. Might migrate from Space Marines for a while. Or maybe not.

Warhammer is in limbo right now, really. We dont really know what is going on, what will change, what is still viable. So, no plans to work on until I hear otherwise from the horse's mouth.
Skaven - Currently I have a fully painted Island of Blood set of Skaven, and a few other units I need to finish painting, or just need to build.

Ogre  Kingdoms - Ogres are sitting at 2000 points, mostly half painted. I can (and have recently) play them, but they are mainly a filler army for when I don't or cant play something else.

Undead Legion - About 2/3s of my legion is built, about 4-5000 points all told. Nothing is painted. Nothing is even primed. Bleh.

Chaos Warriors (Nurgle) - A leftover from the Great Purge, maybe a thousand points of half painted, or unassembled Warriors. I like the idea of a Nurgle force, I just get really bored with these guys. Since Glottkin was released, Ive pulled these guys out a dozen times. Ill look at the models, or make a list, or whatever... then box them up and put them back up. Eventually Ill admit defeat.

Circle Orboros - In theory my prime faction. Ive managed to collect all the models I need to make a 35 point tier 4 theme force list for every Warlock in the faction, minus Bradigus. And for that, I just need the dude himself. Problem is I bit off more that I could chew. Half the models are unopened, and maybe three of the lists are fully painted. Someday Ill knock them out. Hopefully.

Farrow - Another example of biting off more than I could chew. I ordered tier 4 for all the Warlocks, thinking "Hey, there are only a few of them, and they all share everything anyways!". Now, I still think this one is doable, if I get my ass in gear. Just a few units and beasts and Id be done. It is just a matter of looking at that box, and seeing it all.

Cygnar -This is where I have started to learn my lesson. I ordered a single theme force. Commander Stryker and his goons. I did pick up a few other models, but they are not on the radar yet. As far as I am currently concerned, Stryker1, Ol' Rowdy, 2 Lancers, and 2 units of Long Gunners are all I need to work on. Once they are dealt with, then Ill allow myself to realize I have that 35 point "All-in-One" to work on still.

Other Games
Deadzone - From what I hear, this still gets played locally from time to time, I just happen to miss out on it. My force is assembled, and one day might get painted.

Malifaux - Bit of a dead duck for me. I know some locals play it, but the locals I play with do not. I have the Seamus crew (mostly) assembled, but no feel for them.

Table - Not a game, but needed for them all. Ive got the Realm of Battle set-up, that I need to paint one of these days. Going to be a quick deal, mostly brown spray and drybrush, with some grey and bone for rocks and skulls. Also got terrain I need to sort out.

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