Friday, May 8, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #8

Time for me to ramble a bit again...

Lets see, what is shiny to me this week? A few more Cygnar Warjacks, and I still need to work on what I have.

Imperial Knights are up, and they are pretty. Really tempted to get another one with the book this weekend, but I really want to try saving money for....

New Space Marine codex rumors are running around, and inspiring me to work on my Storm Fists again. Well, them, or another new Codex army. I haven't ruled anything out yet.

Finished the Onager, as you may have seen, and now am working on Mortarion. Started the bronze trim since the last pic. Hoping to get further along this weekend, though I might take a break and get back to some Skitarii instead. Or some Long Gunners...

Played 1k points of 30k Death Guard vs Orks last weekend. Managed to get some power armor in the list, rather than all terminators. That may have been a mistake, as I got tabled.

Fun idea I had recently: Ultramar Auxilla. Use the IG/AM list, and paint all the units in a similar scheme, except their right shoulder pad. That gets a unique color set based on which world the unit/platoon originates from.

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