Friday, May 1, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #7

News this week seems to be all about the new Knights (and the knee-jerk nerdrage over it being 14 months since the last book was released). Im looking forward to these, will be fun to see more on the table. There were also leaked pics of the new AdMech priests, track-bodies, and robots. Definitely going to be adding some of these eventually, once I get the Skitarii sorted out. Maybe.

The same day we recorded the Skitarii review, Bear recorded something of a rant on GW. Ended up being more of a discussion, but figured Id share. Linkie!!

As seen earlier this week, Im working on the Onager still, need to put more color on the upper half.

Im also (still) working on my first Long Gunners unit, gotta finish up their bases so I can move on to the second unit, then prime and paint the army up (it is Stryker's theme list).

Played two games against my brother this past weekend, first was Skitarii vs Orks, 1000pts. He was unprepared for all their zany rules and oddities. Honestly, so was I, but I had the advantage of knowing what they did.

Second game was 1500pts of Drop Pod Storm Fists vs Orks. That one was rougher on me, not sure who won, as we stopped trying objectives early on and went for kills.

All this 40k recently is starting to wear on me, need to get a game of WarmaHordes or something else in soon...

Fun little idea I was toying with earlier was how to make a Battleforged 8th Company army. Oddly, very easy.

Captain on bike.
Command Squad on bikes
6 units of 10 Space Marine Bikers
3 10-man Space Marine Assault Squads
2 units of 5 Assault Centurions.

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