Friday, April 3, 2015

Heretical Ramblings #3

Still rambling! Yay!

Not much on the news side really caught my eye this week. Skitarii are pretty, but I am not entirely sure where I am going with 40k at the moment, so I am holding off. I do have to say that those skinny, larger based models (Rust Stalkers/Infiltrators) seem odd to me. Not what I was expecting.

Some of you might have noticed I didn't post a model pic yesterday. Well, Ill have it up on Tuesday. I finished painting up Stryker (prime). I also assembled a unit of Terminators for my Storm Fists (more behind this below), and am aiming to start work on a unit of Cygnar Long Gunners over the weekend.

Was supposed to play against the DT Thursday, but that got screwed up by the wife's plans. Boo! Still last weekend I got a 1,000pt game of 40k against my brother, Orks against Dark Angels. Quick answer is I didnt have enough firepower, and got stomped. I tried to deep strike some Deathwing in, but got a mishap, and they ended in the far corner, to not do anything at all over the entire game. Ah well.

Later on after that game, I discovered that if I used my Storm Fists to replicate the Dark Angels list Id used, it came out at about 900pts. All I needed to add was a unit of Terminators... which were in box on the shelf. So, Ill be running that against him next time.

Been focusing on Cygnar recently, so my fun army idea is based... not on that.

-Constance Blaize is a Merc Warcaster, right? Well, take her as such, and assorted Merc units, as a "religious uprising" to counter the Menoth Crusades. Just don't tell Kev that I am looking at Mercs. ;)

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