Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cygnar All in One Rundown

 Figured some of you might be curious about what is so special about this box... Well...

Lets start with the obvious: $100. That is the difference between MSRP according to Privateer's site, and what I ended up paying for this box. Oh, ignoring the mini rulebook, because they are not available separately.

So, for those with questions, a quick run-down. The models are the same as before. The part that did surprise me was that the Defender and Avenger were full kits. Meaning they have the bits for the Ironclad, Cyclone, Centurion, or Hammersmith as well. I was expecting just the essential parts, as seen in the battle boxes and 2-player starter. Those who deal with magnets will get some use out of this box.

The mini rulebook is the same, and all needed cards are included. Also included (basically the only NEW thing in the box) are two large cards with quick ideas on using this force, and for expanding the collection. The Tips & Tricks are pretty handy ideas for a starter (which I am with this particular faction), and should keep me from going into my first game with this force completely clueless.

The Growing Your Force bit shows what looks handy for going up to 50pts. Im not too excited about adding Mercenaries rather that staying in-faction, but I cant really fault their choices. Lastly, they have alternate 35pt lists, using about half of what is in the box, or that was added in if you followed their suggestions to get to 50pts, and the rest with new casters and models. The two that they suggest are Captain Caine and Captain Haley, with a mix of faction and Merc units.  We will see if I follow their suggestions...

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