Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and all that

Think I was supposed to do my yearly wrap-up a few weeks ago (at least going by my habits so far)... Ahh well.

Overall, I had a decent year in 2014. Dont remember off the top of my head if I had any specific goals, and dont really care anymore if I did.

I didnt game as much as I could have, and I didnt paint anywhere near as much as I wanted. My number of armies has shrunk though, so Ill call that a win.

This coming year, I think Im going to stick with two goals.

1: Build Less.
2: Paint More.

See, from mid-September to the end of December, I didnt paint at all. Nothing. I was too busy trying to build an extra 3k points of undead for a mega-battle that I ended up missing because I got sick. Well, now Ive got a decent chunk of models for the games I play built. Not all built, obviously, but I can have a decent game without stressing that I dont have enough models.

So, Im going to *TRY* to avoid starting the new shiny. Obviously I will fail, but Ill be satisfied if I can keep the financial damage to a minimum.

As of the new year, this is where I am sitting:
40k Storm Fist Space Marines
30k Death Guard Legion
WHFB Undead Legions
WM/H Circle Orboros

I do have extras tacked on to half of these, or will soon. Ive got my 30k Night Lords to use as allies, if I feel like it, and plan to add some Dark Mechanicus and a Knight household for my Death Guard, maybe even some Imperial Army too. For my Circle, Ive got all sorts of Farrow to build and paint.

I still have my Skaven force as well, and we will see if I can resist the call of the Horned Rat when the next End Times book hits....

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