Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Looking for a story

On Friday, I was on a mission. On the hunt. Tracing the hidden trail towards prey they did not wish to be discovered. And I found it.

As the entire internet knows, Games Workshop dropped their newest book this past weekend, a book that has drawn widespread praise for a company that is (often deservedly) wargaming's favorite punching bag. Nagash is back, and the Warhammer world will never be the same.

At least, that is what all the promotions say. They call it The End Times. From what I have read of the book so far, I am not disagreeing. Many characters dead. Both non-combatant and Special Characters. Even ones recently updated with new models. Nations are falling, and those long thought banished walk freely under the Chaos-torn skies.

So, this hunt I was on? Was not for the book. I had no difficulty tracking a copy of that down. No, my hunt was for a set of spell cards. I am fortunate that there are several local gaming shops nearby, because these are harder to find than a fart in a hurricane. I did get my set, but that was not all...

As soon as Id seen the Nagash model, I knew I was lost. Id be back into WHFB in a hard way soon enough, likely starting a new Vampire Counts force. Maybe use the new Undead Legion rules to pick up some Tomb Kings to round things out. However, I made myself swear that this army would wait, wait until I got back from vacation. I could do that, right?

Yeah, wrong. I walked out of the game shop with a lighter wallet, and a sack bulging with the rotting remnants of the Empire's finest. Whoops. Well, now I am telling myself to wait until I get back from vacation before I start building. Give myself time to digest the new setting.

So, that story I am looking for in the title? That is me looking for an idea of how I am going to theme these lost souls. For the longest time, I was planning on starting Vampire Counts, and theme it off of the von Carstein's march through history. Vlad & Isabella, Konrad, and Mannfred, and a few converted other vampires. That idea can still work, maybe even better now that... well, now that things have changed.

However, Im am not setting this idea in stone quite yet. I am also considering having my way with greenstuff and some plastic zombies, to make Necrarch vampires. Or haunting eBay to find old metal Blood Dragons. Or just using the new Neferata and Coven Throne for Lahmians.

The point is, I want a story within the story. A theme to anchor my colors to, and a reason to be proud of my dark works. If you have any ideas to share, let me know. I know Ill be sharing my ideas soon enough...

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