Friday, January 18, 2013

Fantasy for 2013

I meant to get to these a month ago, honest!

Been completely uninspired with Fantasy lately, was half thinking of not bothering with it at all this year. And then... Chaos happened. You have seen the pics, I wont bore you.

The problem with the current/old book is that is lacked feeling. Very uninspiring to me. Im going off the assumption that the new book wont suffer from that problem (fingers crossed!).

So, Ive decided to start Ryan's Chaos Army X.0. X.0, because I have NO idea how many Chaos armies Ive started over the years. :P Anyways, I decided to "bend" the rules a bit, and have fun with this collection. Collection, not army, take note of this.

Raise of hands, who remembers the Realm of Chaos book? They had a fairly unique (for Warhammer) army selection method in that book. You chose your Hero, then an equal or greater number of points worth of units. Select another hero, repeat. I have decided to replicate this, though Ill probably change it to 1 Hero +2/3 units. And, Im not limiting it to Warriors of Chaos. Going to do the same for Beastmen and Daemons. I plan to eventually have enough models/units to field a proper, legal army (ok, three armies!), but for right now Im just looking for fun stuff to paint. I do have an overall theme in mind, but for the moment lets just call it a gathering of forces in the Chaos Wastes.

As far as painting, Ive got a base color scheme planned out, and will have God-specific variations for those units so marked. Likely cloaks and shields will be in God-specific colors.

And now, to show that this isnt just idle thinking out loud (like usual), the first Hero (a Nurgle Sorcerer) and his Warrior retinue:

Ill lay out more of my ideas once Ive solidified them.


RTGamer said...

Love this idea! Always thought each unit should be lead by a mighty hero. Can't wait to see this come to fruition.

Ricalope said...

That is the same idea I undeergo. Each of my units that can have a character gets one, turning them into individual cults. Looking forward to seeing some more chaos!

Engineer Jeff said...

I got interested in the same thing since seeing the new models coming out.