Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monthly update!

Whoops, been a month since my last post. Ive not been slacking though! Ive painted all the remaining Tyranids from my last order, and ordered a few more (just a brood of Hive Guard, for now). Also rearranged my computer room, now its a proper hobby room!

Anyways, on to the pics!

The Trygon. Im mostly happy with him, though I am considering redoing some of the red plates. Maybe darken up the rattle a bit more as well.

The Tyrannofex. A few small issues with how the red and purple ink settled on the carapace, but overall I am pleased.

 Tyranid Warriors, in a generalist layout.

 Hormagaunts, I put them on washers because they are infamously front-heavy.

 Genestealers. I only did the top of the carapace red, top and bottom makes them look like they are wearing a sweater. Yes, the scything talons are in the wrong spot. I didnt realize until Id started painting them. Oh well.

Couple of objective markers from the Genestealer sprue, these were easy and fun to do.

So, what is next? That unit of Hive Guard. Adding a glass cabinet to my hobby room. Painting more of these Circle Orboros models Ive got all over the place. Maybe something Nurgle themed...


Disorderlies Tyrant said...

Some fine looking bugs you have there sir. Sadly I played a 6th ed game with mine and found them just as challenged (against Dark Eldar, at least) as they were in 5th ed. So back on the shelf.

(Given that I have a dozen other armies to choose from, it's not such a hardship - but I really DO want every army to be viable, dammit)

Reid said...

I love the red and black look. When I played Tyranids in DoW2, I had them painted the same way.

Ryan C said...

DT: Thanks! Ive been hearing some interesting whispers regarding a potential update coming soon, so who knows... We need another game soon!

Reid: Thanks! Its a pretty easy scheme, even with painting red. :)

Killshot Productions said...

Looks great Ryan!

Ryan C said...