Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekly Hobby Update Thing #18

Right, no pics this week as there wasnt much significant change on models I worked on. Or at least, none I feel like showing off.

Started a bit of work on the Thundertusk's saddle, and did the first basecoat of flesh for every other Ogre model. It was fairly depressing to see all those models in just their primer.

Ive decided (roughly) on a new scheme for my Blood Angels models, going with a successor chapter, but keeping the same icons, so I can use the spiffy new models without conversion. I have a trio of Black Reach marines primed so I can test colors, but didnt start yet because I started working on my Grey Knights.

Last I worked on the Grey Knights, they were all up to the metal armor being done. On Thursday I slapped some grey basecoat down, where I am planning on eventually painting white.

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