Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Years On

Three years ago tonight, I got bored and said "Screw it". A few months later, I started the Top Ten, which gathered quite a bit of popularity, though Im not exactly sure how.

The ol' blog has had its high points, and its low points. Yet, its still here, with this being post #338, and having a significant number of followers. The Top Ten has wandered, and morphed a bit, and went into hibernation for a while... and still inspired a few successors. At least five that I know of. I think three of them are still kicking too.

So, Happy Birthday to me! Or something.

Yesterday saw the triumphant return of the Top Ten. A quick peek at Google Analytics has shown that several of you have kept a candle burning. Thanks for that! Aside from the numbering reboot, has anything else changed with it? Just some formatting changes. My plan from here on out is links first, then my chatter (since I know you dont care about that! ;D). Im sure some of you are wondering if we will be dealing with "Dead Ryan Days" again. Im not going to say no more, but Im not stupid. Crap happens. HOWEVER, I will be trying my hardest to avoid those. They annoy me as much as you.

So, on to the name change. It was "Day" Top Ten before, why the change to Ryan's Top Ten? I think its sorta egotistical to be honest. But, I dont feel like changing the name every time I change the day I publish on. Besides, some few may see the name and associate that with the Top Ten I did at From The Warp for all that time. Maybe.

And maybe, just maybe, I think I might have earned a small amount of egotism.

So, whats ahead? More Top Ten, more Weekly Hobby Update Things, and who knows, maybe some other changes.

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Colonel Shofer said...

Congrats :)

Keep it up !!!