Friday, November 4, 2011

Secret Army Project Reveal!

Skipping the Weekly Update Thing this week, since everything Ive been working on has been in my Secret Fantasy army.

As I said before, it seems that if I talk about an army here while it is in the formative stages, I quickly lose interest. This has meant that I have been unable to decide or remain motivated by a new Warhammer Fantasy army for quite a while. A couple weeks ago, I said screw it, and picked up a box of troops, and decided to not talk about them until I was so far into them that I couldnt drop them. That time has come. This past weekend I took a mountain of old roleplaying books to the FLGS and got a nice chunk of store credit, which I used to buy about 1500 points of Fantasy models, which brought my collection up to 1800 points. In too deep now!

So, the grand reveal that everyone is curious about.... Ogre Kingdoms!

I got a box of Bulls (I dont care what the book says now, they will always be Bulls to me) to start off, and the stuff I got with the credit was a Battalion box (6 Bulls, 6 Ironguts, 4 Leadbelchers), a box of Mournfang cavalry, a Thundertusk, a Butcher and a Bruiser. On Wednesday I went and picked up a second Butcher, and Bragg the Gutsman to convert into my Battle Standard.

As of Thursday evening, all models were assembled and based, and will hopefully be primed by the time this posts.

I added extra kit to the first Butcher, since this model will be my Slaughtermaster. I have decided that the Bruiser model is going to sit for a bit, as I was going to convert him to be my Battle Standard Bearer, but decided to pick up and convert Bragg instead. I simply didnt add the chained blade, instead opting to use the big icon from the Ironguts. This will double as his great weapon (are YOU going to tell him he cant use it as such?). The second Butcher only got a single chunk of meat to munch on, figured less is more to tell the two apart.

Here is the army list, how I will be playing these guys to start out...

Slaughtermaster w/ lvl4, Gruts Sickle

Bruiser w/ BSB, Rampager's Standard, Great Weapon

Butcher w/ lvl2, Dispel Scroll

6 Bulls w/ Ironfists, Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar

6 Bulls w/ Ironfists, Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar

6 Ironguts w/ Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar

4 Leadbelchers

2 Mournfang Cavalry w/ Heavy Armor, Ironfists


-2000 points-

I will be expanding this to 2500 soon, and beyond that? Dunno, depends on how much I like painting them...

I must also add that Ive been chattering about this project for the past week or so on Twitter, driving @DocBungle insane, and inspiring @RTGamer to start his own Secret Army project...

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The Antipope said...

The Ogres are awesome, I am starting my own army now (albeit much more slowly)too.

I know you want to use the models you already have but the Leadbelchers really don't cut it. You'd be much better off chucking them out of the list and using 2 more mournfang cavalry instead. You can them convert them to regular Ogres and use them to expand your list to more points.