Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Hobby Update #5

Another week, another couple models worked on.

Cryx got a bit of love. All of the "fleshy dead" models got a few layers of rotting flesh, and then washed with green ink. Ill be adding other color ink washes to them sooner or later. The Withershadow Combine got a bit more work, got the brown and grey started.

I primed the 15 Red Scorpions that had been sitting on the shelf in their bare plastic. Then I gave them the basic grey brushdown. Next up for them is a wash of chaos black.

Lastly, I did the metal work for my Grey Knights. My entire force except the Librarian, Captain, and Stormraven is sitting at this stage. Those three have gotten their first coat of Boltgun Metal, and are awaiting the black wash, like the Red Scorpions.

Next up, Ill probably do a quick drybrush of chainmail, then move on to details.

Thursday morning I finally assembled my Khador box set, and during the evening I got most of the Skorne set put together. Planning on getting them finished this morning, leaving just the Circle box to finish, and I hope to get them done this weekend. Finally.

On a side note, I am loving my new camera. ;)

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