Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Hobby Wrap Up #3

I really do need a better name for this....

Lets see, nothing was completed regarding the vast majority of my Space Marines, but I did get the base Boltgun Metal done on my Grey Knights.

Cryx was similarly ignored, I didnt even get anything done with the Wraith Engine.

The Chaos Warriors got some love though. I decided that I was going to dedicate them to Malal. Came up with an interesting scheme too. Metal armor, with split black and white on their shields, helmets, and cloaks. I even painted up a test model.... and that is where it fell apart. The scheme is decent. Its simple. It works in person. But I dont want to paint it. It just does not inspire me.

However, I found a Chaos Warrior Id painted up in a Nurgle scheme a while back, and it hit me hard. The colors are a rusty brown/red/orange, with a green cloak. I also got the idea to whip out the green stuff and do some conversion work, so Ive got 20 bodies assembled, and will be giving them a GS bloated gut. I plan to make a post next week regarding my ideas for this army.

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