Thursday, July 14, 2011

How do I get on the Top Ten?

Ive been asked this a few times, and I think I have posted on it a few times as well, but I think it is time for another refresher!

You see those four blog lists over there to the right? Take a look. Lots of blogs there, huh? Is yours? Little hint, if yours starts with "A" (as in "A Guardsman's Guide to Glory" for example), it will be under "A". If it starts with "The" then its listed under "T". Make sure you look hard, there are quite a few listed.

How many are listed? I just did the math (and added a few more) a minute ago. As of 3am EST, on the 14th of July, there are 892 blogs listed. Lets put that in its proper place.


So, back to the original question, how do you get into the Top Ten? You check that list, make sure you are on it, and post the best stuff you can. I take care of the rest. I use my handy RSS reader to mark stuff during the week, and Monday night/Tuesday morning I slap together what you occasionally see here.

What do you do if you dont see your blog or a blog you would like to recommend on the list? Email me. Message me on Twitter. Leave a comment here. Find me on Google+. Heck, send me a text message. Just tell me! :)

That doesnt just apply to blogs in general, I will happily take recommendations for individual posts, just dont get upset if my fickle eye looks elsewhere. ;)


Drkmorals said...

Add me please

Ryan said...

Added, and looks like a nice blog! :)

Vitor said...

Me to please


Ryan said...

Added! :)

Drkmorals said...

Thanks Ryan for the add and the compliment. Feel free to drop in once in awhile. :)

Courtney @ Cadian 127th said...

oops, i thought i was on the list - no wonder i never get top 10! lol.

add me up please


HOTpanda said...

Would love to get added to your blog list. Great work promote so so many blogs. Cheers.

Ryan said...

HOTPanda: Added!

Courtney: You are added, though there is a bit of confusion. I was already following you, but it wouldnt add you to the sidebar. I did get you in though, through trickery. ;)

Malvolion said...

Add me please,

Thanks in advance.