Friday, July 1, 2011

Cryxian Photodump

Time for another Friday Photodump! This time its a good chunk of my Cryx Warmachine force. I didnt bother taking pics of the full units, only half of them, but be assured that each unit is max sized and fully painted.

First, a peek at the force, sitting all cozy on the shelf. (I bet they are planning something.)

Revenant Pirate Crew, because if you dont have zombie pirates, what do you have?
Bile Thralls, nothin says lovin like spewing your mutton...

Mechanithralls. The numberless dead of the Iron Kingdoms.
Bane Thralls, led by Lord Tartarus (or Tartarsauce).
Closer look at Tartarus.
My Warcasters, Deneghra and Asphyxious.
Solos, Machine Wraith, Pistol Wraith, Warwitch Siren, and Skarlock Thrall.
A couple of my Bonejacks, a Deathripper, Stalker, Defiler, and the Cankerworm.
Another look at Cankerworm.
A few of my Soulhunters. Love the models, love the unit, hated painting them.
My Helljack collection, the Reaper, Seether, and Slayer.
Deathjack in all his evil glory. Yes, I hate how I painted the runes on his carapace, Im planning on redoing them eventually. However, I do like how the Skulls of Hate (on his shoulders) ended up.
And while we are looking at Warmachine, here is my Cygnar battleforce, all four of them. :)

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