Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally, decent pics of my Red Scorpions!

Bit of a photo-dump, but figured Id kick out a bunch at once! My sis-in-law let me use her camera, so we have some decent pics here for a change! All imperfections are due to me being me. :)

WiP of my "beatstick" command squad.
The one good pic of my Chaplain. This guy leads my assault squad into danger, and occasionally out of it as well!

Hondus Ect, Captain of the 8th Company. This guy was originally going to be my Chapter Master model, then IA 9-10 came out and scuttled that plan.

Only one good pic of my model of Sevrin Loth. That makes me sad, he looks better from the front.

Couple pics of the 4th Tactical Squad, 5th Company.
The first five members of 9th Devastator Squad, 5th Company.


Silar Lannanaris said...

Great to see some picks of your scorpions, they look good. You need to use the sis in laws camera again! Keep the pictures coming.

Warflake said...

Great pictures man, they look awesome.

Ryan said...

Thanks guys, Im planning on borrowing it again soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah nicely done dude, I can't recall seeing this much stuff from you before and they look great.

Like John (Silar) said, gotta get some more when you can and one of the front of Loth.

I really want to buy Loth + Honour Guard.